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Why Is Buying In Bulk Better?

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money and space while ensuring that you have the products and supplies you need when you need them. Whether you're shopping custom t-shirts for your home, business, or organization, there are many benefits to bulk buying including cost-savings and increased efficiency. Here are just a few additional reasons why buying in bulk from High Quality Transfers is the best route for your custom t-shirt business:

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Dye Lot Consistency

First, you’ll get a better dye lot consistency when you buy in bulk. By purchasing large quantities of custom t-shirts, you’ll get the same color and design across all the garments. This will ensure that you have a consistent look throughout all your designs.

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Easily Navigate Supply Shortages 

When you buy in bulk, it’s easier to navigate any possible supply shortages. For example, if you’re running low on a certain design of DTF transfers, you’ll be able to order enough to get you through the next few months of production. This will help you avoid any potential production delays. 

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Deliverables and Deadlines

When you buy large quantities of custom t-shirts, you’ll be able to meet all your deliverables and deadlines. This is especially important if you have multiple clients who are waiting to receive their orders. By ordering in bulk, you’ll be able to have custom t-shirts quickly and efficiently.

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Deals and Rewards for Bulk Orders

In addition to the cost savings, High Quality Transfers offers deals and rewards for bulk orders. Our wholesale prices are unbeatable — allowing you to get the most out of your custom t-shirt business. 

Not only does buying in bulk save money, but it also helps you save time and resources. Additionally, bulk orders often come with many rewards, which makes them even more attractive to businesses. Shop now and start saving with High Quality Transfers today!